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Student Bursary Application

The bursary applicant must be in the first year or subsequent of a post-second course of study, leading to a diploma, certificate and/or degree from a recognized public Canadian college or university. All applicants must have proof of attendance attached in order to be considered.

You can also print this student form and deliver it to our office if you prefer. Printed applications can be scanned and submitted via email to, faxed to 902-566-1425 or mailed to our office.

(Please note that if your child is announced as a bursary recipient, their SIN number will be required to be submitted to the Union Office in order for them to receive a T4A at tax time.)

(Please note that illegible applications will NOT be reviewed or processed.)

If you are a student applicant, please use the first form. If you are a union officer, please use the second form below.

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Part A: To Be Completed by the Student

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Part B: To Be Completed by the Name of Officer of Local Union

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