Members of IUOE Local 942

Membership in IUOE Local 942 entitles you to many rights and services. As a member of our union, you have the right:

  • To have the union negotiate your collective agreement and have your demands heard;
  • To vote on your bargaining representatives;
  • To vote on any tentative agreements made at the bargaining table and to receive a copy of your collective agreement;
  • To meet your workplace steward and to bring forward any potential collective agreement violations to their attention;
  • To be represented at some meetings with the employer;
  • To have your health and safety defended and advocated for;
  • To vote for elected union officials;
  • To apply to be a steward for your workplace;
  • To run in union elections;
  • To receive updates from the union, including via the union’s email blasts and newsletters; and
  • To attend and receive information regarding the union at unit meetings and annual meetings;
  • and more!

IUOE Local 942 Post-Secondary Bursary

IUOE Local 942 provides six $500 bursaries to our members’ children and dependents who are pursuing post-secondary education. The recipients are selected by random draw annually at our Fall meeting. It is our goal to help foster the education and training of our members’ families. Learn more.

Canadian Conference Bursary

Each year, the Canadian Conference of International Union of Operating Engineers awards 10 bursaries of $1000 across the country. Children and dependents of IUOE Local 942 members who are pursuing post-secondary education are eligible for one of these bursaries. A link to next year’s application form will be provided here.

Atlantic Canada Health Care Coalition Society (“ACHCCS”) Bursary

As IUOE Local 942 is a member of the ACHCCS, our members are eligible to apply for its annual bursary. Five bursaries worth $1000 each are distributed to members or dependents of members of union affiliated with ACHCCS upon their acceptance to accredited post-secondary studies. Recipients are selected based on a combination of merit and need. A link to next year’s application form will be provided here.

Hardship Fund

IUOE Local 942 has established a hardship fund for its members. Any members facing financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control may be eligible for support from our union.  If you believe you or a coworker you know are eligible, please contact the office or your union steward.

Retirement Gifts

IUOE Local 942 provides retirement gifts to eligible members who advise the union of their pending retirement.

  • Members who retire with less than 5 years of service are eligible to receive an IUOE Local 942 pin
  • Members who retire with 5-10 years of service are eligible to receive an IUOE pen set
  • Members who retire with 10-20 years of service are eligible to receive a wine glass set or coffee mug set
  • Members who retire with more than 20 years of service are eligible to receive an IUOE watch

Death Benefits

In the event of the death of member in good standing, Local 942 will pay a death benefit of $100.00 to the member’s spouse or her/his estate.

Local 942 will make a $20.00 donation to a requested charity in the event of a death in a member’s family*. If there is no requested charity, the donation will be made to the equipment fund at the member’s regional hospital.

*Family members are limited to spouses, children, siblings and parents.

Discount List

Click here for an up-to-date list of membership benefits. Be sure to check periodically, as we often add new benefits to this list!