2nd Annual Summer Fun Days

by IUOE 942 on August 1, 2023

2023 Summer Fun Days Flyer

Click the title above for the flyer

  • Codes are going fast – nearing 95% spoken for at the time of posting
  • Codes are not active until August 11, 2023 – you cannot make your purchase until that date. You can, however, call the office to get your code now; just hang on to it until the 11th to make your purchase online.
  • Codes remain active until August 28, 2023
  • Codes are case sensitive and all letters are lower case
  • Passes for Shining Waters / Sandspit can only be made at https://store.maritimefun.com/ for dates between Aug 14-28, inclusive
  • Once you’ve selected the park you wish to go to, select “Reserved Day Pass
  • You can go to both parks on different days, if you wish – chose one park, the number of passes and date you wish to go to for that park and put them in the cart. Then go to the other park and do the same thing. The total number of passes cannot exceed 6 (eg: 3 for Shining Waters & 3 for Sandspit).
  • At checkout, click on “Have Promo Code” and enter your code you received from the Union Office for a 67% discount
  • You can change the date you wish to visit after you’ve made your purchase (in case it rains, for example). The Parks require a minimum of 24hrs before you go to make the change. It’s easiest to do this online if you’ve created an account prior to purchasing, otherwise you will need to call the Parks.
  • Each code is unique, so if you lose it, please all the office to get it again


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